Textile Industries

The textile industry is a vital sector of the Indian economy, contributing significantly to employment generation and export earnings. It encompasses a wide range of processes, from spinning and weaving to dyeing and printing. In such a diverse and complex industry, efficient material handling plays a crucial role in maintaining productivity and ensuring smooth operations. This is where Torrane Industries Private Limited comes to the fore, providing cranes and other materials tailored specifically for the needs of textile manufacturers.

Torrane Industries Private Limited takes pride in its extensive range of single girders EOT cranes, designed to optimize material handling in textile plants. These cranes are equipped with advanced features such as variable speed drives, precision controls and safety mechanisms, ensuring seamless operations and enhancing productivity. Whether it's lifting and transporting raw materials, managing the movement of goods within the production process, or facilitating maintenance and repair tasks, Torrane Industries Private Limited's single girder EOT cranes deliver exceptional performance and reliability.


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