Sugar Industry

One of the flagship offerings of Torrane Industries Private Limited is our range of single girder EOT cranes. These cranes are meticulously designed and engineered to cater to the unique requirements of the Sugar Industry. Equipped with robust structures and advanced lifting mechanisms, they effortlessly handle heavy loads, facilitating the seamless movement of materials within sugar mills. Moreover, these cranes are tailored to optimize space utilization, ensuring smooth operations even in constrained environments.

In addition to single girder EOT cranes, Torrane Industries Private Limited also specializes in manufacturing double girder EOT cranes, which are specifically engineered to tackle heavy-duty applications within the Sugar Industry. These cranes possess exceptional load-bearing capabilities, making them ideal for lifting and transporting bulk quantities of sugar cane, refined sugar and other related materials. With their high lifting capacities and precise controls, Torrane Industries Private Limited' double girder EOT cranes offer unparalleled performance and efficiency, contributing to enhanced productivity in sugar mills across the country.


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