Public Sector Undertaking

With a firm understanding of the unique requirements and challenges faced by PSUs, Torrane Industries Private Limited has consistently delivered top-of-the-line cranes that meet and exceed industry standards. Public Sector undertakings, which are government-owned corporations or agencies, play a pivotal role in India's economic growth and development. These organizations require robust and reliable machinery to support their operations and Torrane Industries Private Limited has stepped up to provide the ideal solutions.

Torrane Industries Private Limited is renowned for its range of single girder and double girder EOT cranes. These cranes are meticulously designed and built to withstand heavy loads and demanding industrial environments. With a focus on precision and safety, Torrane Industries Private Limited's single girder EOT cranes deliver unmatched performance and efficiency in material handling and lifting tasks. For more intensive lifting requirements, Torrane Industries Private Limited offers double girder EOT cranes tailored to the specific needs of Public Sector undertaking. These cranes provide enhanced lifting capacities and operational flexibility, making them ideal for heavy duty applications in sectors such as energy, transportation and manufacturing.


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