Pharma Industries

The pharmaceutical industry demands meticulous handling and transportation of raw materials, equipment and finished products. Torrane Industries Private Limited understands these requirements and has developed a comprehensive range of cranes specifically designed to address the challenges faced by Pharma companies. With our in-depth knowledge of the industry's nuances, Torrane Industries Private Limited has successfully crafted tailor-made solutions that optimize productivity and ensure regulatory compliance.

Torrane Industries Private Limited offers single girder EOT cranes known for their exceptional lifting capacity and compact design, making us ideal for smaller pharmaceutical production units with limited space. These cranes feature advanced features like variable frequency drives and remote-controlled operations, ensuring precise movements and reducing the risk of accidents. For larger pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities requiring heavier lifting capacities, Torrane Industries Private Limited provides double girder EOT cranes. These cranes maintain stability and safety while handling substantial loads, thanks to cutting edge technology such as advanced load monitoring systems and anti-sway controls.


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