Oil & Gas Industries

When it comes to the demanding requirements of the Oil & Gas Industries, Torrane Industries Private Limited stands out as a preferred choice for cranes and materials. The company's single girder EOT cranes are designed and engineered to provide efficient and reliable lifting solutions. These cranes are specifically built to handle heavy loads, making them ideal for the demanding nature of the oil and gas industry. Torrane Industries Private Limited ensures that our cranes adhere to international standards, incorporating advanced safety features and robust construction to ensure optimal performance and operator safety.

In addition to single girder EOT cranes, Torrane Industries Private Limited offers a range of double girder EOT cranes that are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of the Oil & Gas Industries. These cranes are known for their exceptional load-bearing capacity, durability and precision. With our cutting-edge technology and advanced features, Torrane Industries Private Limited' double girder EOT cranes provide seamless operation and enhanced productivity, crucial for the oil and gas sector.


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