Motor and Pump Industry

As the Motor and Pump Industry continues to thrive, the demand for reliable and efficient cranes becomes paramount. Torrane Industries Private Limited has recognized this need and has dedicated its resources to designing and manufacturing top-of-the-line EOT cranes that cater specifically to the requirements of this industry. These cranes play a vital role in the smooth functioning of manufacturing plants, warehouses and logistics centers by enabling the safe and swift movement of heavy machinery, components and materials.

Torrane Industries Private Limited is a leading provider of EOT cranes, offering a comprehensive range of both single girder and double girder models. Engineered with precision using advanced technology and superior materials, these cranes are versatile and capable of handling various loads with ease. In the Motor and Pump Industry, Torrane Industries Private Limited's single-girder EOT cranes provide efficient operations and prioritize worker safety, while our double girder EOT cranes excel in handling heavier loads and delivering exceptional performance in demanding environments. With a commitment to reliability, efficiency and safety, Torrane Industries Private Limited is a trusted choice for crane solutions in the industry.


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