Heavy Engineering Industry

The Heavy Engineering Industry is a critical sector that forms the backbone of various infrastructure development projects and industrial operations. It demands robust and reliable equipment to handle heavy loads and streamline operations efficiently. Torrane Industries Private Limited recognizes these requirements and delivers cutting edge solutions to meet the industry's diverse needs.

Torrane Industries Private Limited is renowned for its range of EOT cranes, including both single girder and double girder models. Our single girder EOT cranes exhibit precise engineering and effortless handling of heavy loads, incorporating advanced features and safety measures to enhance productivity in the heavy engineering industry. With a strong commitment to quality, Torrane Industries Private Limited ensures superior materials and rigorous quality control throughout the crane manufacturing process. Additionally, our double girder EOT cranes are recognized for their exceptional strength, durability and operational efficiency, making us an ideal solution for handling heavier loads in demanding industrial applications. These cranes feature advanced technologies like variable frequency drives and remote monitoring systems, ensuring seamless and safe operations in challenging environments.


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