Container Freight Station (CFS)

When it comes to EOT (Electric Overhead Travel) cranes, Torrane Industries Private Limited offers a comprehensive range of solutions. Our single girder EOT cranes are designed to handle moderate loads efficiently, making us ideal for CFS operations. These cranes are known for their compact design, versatility and ease of operation. Torrane Industries Private Limited also specializes in double girder EOT cranes, which are capable of lifting heavy loads with precision and stability. These cranes provide enhanced lifting heights and are perfectly suited for CFS facilities dealing with large volumes of cargo.

Safety is a top priority for Torrane Industries Private Limited and our cranes are designed with stringent safety features to protect both personnel and cargo. These safety measures include overload protection systems, anti-collision devices, emergency stop buttons and comprehensive electrical controls. By prioritizing safety, Torrane Industries Private Limited contributes to creating a secure working environment in CFS facilities, reducing the risk of accidents and maximizing productivity.


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