Automobile Industries

The automobile industry, known for its complex operations and demanding requirements, heavily relies on efficient and reliable equipment to streamline production processes. Torrane Industries Private Limited recognizes this need and has developed a comprehensive range of EOT cranes tailored specifically for the automobile industry. These cranes have revolutionized the way automotive manufacturers handle heavy loads, enhancing productivity and safety in their operations.

Torrane Industries Private Limited offers a range of EOT cranes designed to meet the specific needs of the automobile industry. Our single girder EOT cranes are precision-engineered to handle heavy loads while maximizing space utilization in manufacturing units with limited floor space. These cranes incorporate advanced safety features to ensure a secure working environment for operators. For more demanding applications, Torrane Industries Private Limited provides double girder EOT cranes with enhanced lifting capacity and superior performance. These cranes are equipped with advanced control systems and cutting-edge technology, making us highly durable, reliable and efficient. We enable automotive manufacturers to handle large and bulky loads effortlessly, facilitating seamless production processes.


Free Standing Jib Crane, Jib Crane Manufacturer in India

Free Standing Jib Crane

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Wall Cantilever Jib Crane

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Mast Type Jib Crane